Inventions Quiz – Section 3

Welcome to you Inventions Quiz - Section 3


1. Who was the first American female to patent her invention, a method of weaving straw with silk?

2. Who invented Gramophone?

3. Who invented Internal Combustion Engine?

4. When was Monopoly created?

5. What furniture item was invented by California furniture designer Charles Prior Hall in 1968?

6. The Manhattan Project was started by President Roosevelt in 1942 to ensure that the U.S. beat the Germans in developing a nuclear bomb. Whom did Roosevelt appoint as scientific head the Manhattan Project?

7. When was the first lawn mower invented?

8. In which decade were the first successful diode and triode vacuum tubes invented?

9. Who is the English physicist responsible for the 'Big Bang Theory'?

10. What 'game' was first produced by the Southern Novelty Company in Baltimore, Maryland in 1892?

Inventions Quiz – Section 2

Welcome to you Inventions Quiz - Section 2


1. Who invented Jet Engine?

2. What invention caused many deaths while testing it?

3. Who invented Gunpowder?

4. Until Victorian times, chocolate was thought of as a drink. When did the first chocolate bar appear?

5. In which decade was the telephone invented?


7. What now-ubiquitous device was invented by Zenith engineer Eugene Polley in 1955?

8. What Benjamin Franklin invented?

9. This part-time race car driver invented the bucket seat in 1969. Who was he??

10. What plaything was invented by Joe McVicker in 1956?

Inventions Quiz – Section 1

Welcome to you Inventions Quiz - Section 1


1. Who invented the BALLPOINT PEN?

2. In which decade was the first solid state integrated circuit demonstrated?

3. What J. B. Dunlop invented?

4. Which scientist discovered the radioactive element radium?

5. When was barb wire patented?

6. What is the name of the CalTech seismologist who invented the scale used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes?

7. What Galileo invented?

8. This statesman, politican, scholar, inventor, and one of early presidents of USA invented the swivel chair, the spherical sundial, the moldboard plow, and the cipher wheel.

9. What James Watt invented?

10. Where is the village of Branston, after which the famous pickle is named?

Sports Quiz – Section 3

Welcome to you Sports Quiz - Section 3


1. Name the Indian Chess player who has broken the World Record by finishing the game in first twelve moves?

2. Yondieki who set up a new world record in 10,000 meters race, belongs to

3. Jeev Milkha Singh is associated with which sports?

4. Amar Singh Sokhi is remembered for his performance in ?

5. How many players are there in Kabbadi team?

6. Which of the following is a pair names of the same game?

7. Maradona is a famous player associated with

8. The famous player 'Pele' is associated with which games?

9. Ben Johnson, the well known athlete belongs to which of the following countries?

10. 'Popping Crease' is associated with which games?

Sports Quiz – Section 2

Welcome to you Sports Quiz - Section 2


1.Which batsman started his international cricketing career at the age of 16?

2. How many wickets did Yograj Singh take in his 1st ODI match?

3. Who made his Test debut alongwith Salil Ankola in the same match?

4. What is the middle name of Rahul Dravid?

5. What is the middle name of Akash Chopra, a Delhi batsman?

6. Where did India play its 1st one day international cricket match?

7. When did Sachin Tendulkar make his Test debut?

8. Who was named India's Cricketer of the Century by Wisden?

9. What were the bowling figures for Irfan Pathan on his ODI debut?The answer is in this form : Overs - Maidens - Runs given - Wickets taken.

10. What was Sachin Tendulkar's average when he made his first thousand runs in ODIs?

Sports Quiz – Section 1

Welcome to you Sports Quiz - Section 1


1. Former Australian captain Mark Taylor has had several nicknames over his playing career. Which of the following was NOT one of them?

2. Which was the 1st non Test playing country to beat India in an international match?

3. Track and field star Carl Lewis won how many gold medals at the 1984 Olympic games?

4. Which county did Ravi Shastri play for?

5. Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title?

6. Who is the first Indian woman to win an Asian Games gold in 400m run?

7. Which two counties did Kapil Dev play?

8. When was Amateur Athletics Federation of India established?

9. Who did Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestle at the 1998 edition of "Over the Edge"?

10. Ricky Ponting is also known as what?

Technology Quiz – Section 3

Welcome to you Technology Quiz - Section 3


1. Which company created the most used networking software in the 1980's

2. Which of the following operating systems is produced by IBM?

3. Which of the following is NOT a type of expansion slot or bus design used in Advanced-Technology class systems?

4. What is a GPU?

5. What does DOCSIS stand for?

6. Which one of the following is a search engine?

7. What does the abbreviation "http" stand for?

8. Which is the best search tool for finding Web sites that have been handpicked and recommended by someone else?

9. What is LCP?

10. What is VCM?

Technology Quiz – Section 2

Welcome to you Technology Quiz - Section 2


1. Blue is what number on the resistor color code?

2. Changing computer language of 1's and 0's to characters that a person can understand is...

3. What's a web browser?

4. - is an example of what?

5. How many bits is a byte?

6. How do you subscribe to an Internet mailing list?

7. Computers calculate numbers in what mode?

8. What is an FET?

9. The speed of your net access is defined in terms of...

10. How many diodes are in a full wave bridge rectifier?

Technology Quiz – Section 1

Welcome to you Technology Quiz - Section 1


1. In which decade was the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) founded?

2. What is part of a database that holds only one type of information?

3. 'OS' computer abbreviation usually means ?

4. In which decade with the first transatlantic radio broadcast occur?

5. '.MOV' extension refers usually to what kind of file?

6. In which decade was the SPICE simulator introduced?

7. Most modern TV's draw power even if turned off. The circuit the power is used in does what function?

8. Which is a type of Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory?

9. The purpose of choke in tube light is ?

10. '.MPG' extension refers usually to what kind of file?

Biology Quiz – Section 3

Welcome to you Biology Quiz - Section 3


1. Plants that grow in saline water are called

2. Pyorrhoea is a disease of the

3. O2 released in the process of photosynthesis comes from

4. Placenta is the structure formed

5. Plants hormone that induces cell division is

6. Neurospora is used as genetic material because

7. Phloem is a tissue found in

8. N2 content is kept constant in the biosphere due to

9. out of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates present in a cell membrane, what is true?

10. Other than spreading malaria, anopheles mosquitoes are also vectors of