What makes you sad about India?

What makes you sad about India?

Who is this shabby and mental looking person? Why is his picture next to great Dr. Albert Einstein?

This dirty person is great mathematician. Dr. Vashishtha Narayan Singh. Amongst other achievements in his field, he challenged Dr. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

And this is how, this brilliant fellow was during his last/wee days of life…. sick, shabby, homeless, lost mind, in complete anonymity.

He was born in the Year 1942, in Bihar, Patna, India. In the year 1961 he was admitted to the prestigious Science College, Patna. Thereafter, he went to University of California, Berkley to study Mathematics and got his PhD form there. In 1969 he joined NASA as an Associate Scientist Professor in Washington DC, USA. In 1972 he returned to India and joined as a Lecturer in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur.

Vashishtha Narayan Singh had challenged Einstein’s theory of Relativity, ‘E=MC2’. He also challenged Gauss’s theorem in Math’s. While he worked at NASA, 31 computers were briefly shut down before the launch of Apollo (spacecraft). During this time, he started calculating with pen and pencil. When the computers were fixed, his calculations and that of the computer were equal and exactly same. He was called man whose brain works faster than computer.

Even during his last days before death, the writing copy, books, pen n pencil remained his best friend. A new copy and pencil were bought for him every fourth day. When he came from America he brought 10 boxes full of books.

Dr. Vashishtha Narayan Singh had battled with schizophrenia (mental illness) for over three decades. He had not no one to take care of him, he suffered alone. His wife had divorced him due to his illness and abnormal behavior. He died in anonymity, he passed away in the year 2019 like an ordinary soul.

Had he wanted, he could have stayed in America and would have been a wealthy, renowned person. But, instead he chose to return to India and teach the budding, young students in the field of mathematics.

India fails to respect, the true geniuses and talents…. It is sad but true!. Geniuses live a covert life in India and are ignored by the Government and the media. The extraordinariness in India do not get the recognition and honor they should get. They are neither looked after nor are cared. The brilliants in the India pass away in oblivion.

Actors and cricketers are risen to the podium of being God’s in India. But, no one bothers about brilliant minds like Dr. Vashishtha. India per se fails to encourage its pool of talent, fails to groom them and make good use of them.

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